Why Doesn’t She Pick Up When You Call? 5 Reasons Why She Won’t Talk to You

Don’t worry. When a girl doesn’t pick up your calls it’s not really entirely your fault — some girls just flake out or you just didn’t really have the chemistry together. There’s really nothing you can do about it (and no, texting and calling her nonstop is not an option) but you have to focus in improving your way in approaching women until you eventually be successful into mastering the skills. But she still hasn’t called, has she? To make you feel at little at ease, these can be the five reasons why she doesn’t pick up when you call — know them and learn from them so you’d be better next time.

  1. You didn’t connect well. You never really got into a level of comfort and you have to admit that you counted the minutes until it’s time to go home. Sometimes, it’s all about the chemistry — there call girls in karachi are just some people who can’t seem to get along no matter what they do. Keep your cool and still say hi if you happen to bump into her one of these days.
  2. You talked too much. You probably hogged the entire conversation and she may have never had the chance to say something about herself, except for a few nervous giggles and uncomfortable grunts. Be a little sensitive next time. There’s a reason why it’s called Communication — it supposed to be participated by two or more people you know.
  3. You were a little girly. No, it’s not an issue of homosexuality, it’s more about your desperation and extreme anxiety to earn her approval. When you go all-out needy to a girl, she may see you as somebody too frantic for attention or desperate for company that will eventually lead her to get turned-off. Being clingy is also a big no-no — that’s a girl’s job. Get a hold of yourself next time.
  4. You’re too typical. Nothing unique or different about you — you’re the same with all the guys-next-door that she’d dated. When you’re about to get to know someone, it’s vital that you stand out or to leave her a quite good impression of yourself — that’s your hidden weapon into making her anticipate for your call after your date!
  5. You didn’t stand out. Or maybe, you were just too boring for words. Maybe she didn’t see anything about you that will make her get all excited about your phone call. It takes more than good looks and being able to treat her out in fancy restaurants to make her totally into you — a few conversation skills and having a sense of humor may have helped you a lot.


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