Themes and Styles of Rattan Garden Display Sets

It is not hard to decorate with rattan garden display sets. Of course, your final decision may depend upon what is offered at the time you are attempting to acquire new outdoor furniture.

If you are at a loss at where to begin, some suggestions on modern styles might be beneficial to you. These models listed are more often than not offered to consumers.


Sets of recommended models include the following (that is, if they are available now): The Juniper Garden Set which is well-known for its contrasting dark frame against bright colored 12mm cushions, and The Saturn Rattan Garden Furniture set which is made of thick, white padded cushions.


The Arizona set which is pointed out and chosen because of its stylish western-themed upholstery; and Havana Rattan Garden Furniture Set which is distinguished by its vivid, dark brown color and sharp corners are two fine examples. The Sahara-styled collections are also very sought after quite frequently.


These are styles of furniture that fit in tighter places and these are most known for their square and rectangular shapes as well as sharp angles. These ensembles often come with thick, padded cushions, and are more often than not distinguished by their contrasting colors.

For instance, they are often produced with a black frame against white cushions. In some cases they are made in brown versus white as well, and maybe new color combos will be released in the near future. This model is one that deviates from just the standard, natural wicker look.

Glass Dining Sets

Some very attention-getting models of outdoor Rattan Dining Sets  collections are sold complete with a large or small glass dining table. Alternatively, or a smaller glass coffee and refreshment table is offered with this variant of outdoor furniture.

This trend of rattan garden furniture often may work well with any other variations of wicker furniture in the themes and styles as noted above: cubed, desert, or L-shaped. This makes decorating even more fun as you express your individuality.

Placement Tips

Rattan garden display sets are often placed outdoors. In fact, the sets above are more than likely weather-proofed for that purpose. They are also at least moderately light enough for fast transport and storage.

However, certain current models of this category of furniture can easily be applied to enhance any interior space. Therefore, this style of furniture is often placed in sun rooms or even living rooms.


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